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FLASH Interactive Web Banner

We’ve all heard the expression that an image is worth 1,000 words.

Well what if a Banner can bring thousands of clients!


A Web banner is a captivating graphical bar designed to attract the traffic by enticing viewers to click the banner that is linked to the advertiser’s web-page on the World Wide Web. Imagine perusing your favorite magazine and seeing an Advertisement that you liked, having the ability to touch it and in seconds being teleported to the advertisers shop. This is what a web banner enables you to do on the web!



What are the different types of web banners?


The three common types of banners are: Static, Animated, & Interactive (Flash).


Static Web Banner:

Is a one-screen image that contains text, and graphics in .jpg or .png format. They are widely accepted as they can be purchased at economical prices, they are not intrusive, and their file size is small as they do not contain any plug-ins. Using static web banners does not affect the browsing experience, however it is not as eye catching as the animated.


Animated Web Banner:

These banners contain a small amount of animation to deliver the message. Multiple frames are saved in .gif format and are connected to display the output on a rotational basis. This creates a sense of animation or movement. They are compatible with IOS browsers such as Safari and will work on iPhones, iPads, & iPod Touch unlike Flash Banners!


Flash Banner:

Is a sophisticated banner includes smooth animation and sound making it highly interactive. It is possible to fit a story in the ad and deliver it in a professional manner. This catches the customer’s eye resulting in higher clicks. Flash banners are usually .swf files that can include play-pause buttons, close buttons, in-banner navigation systems, rollover buttons, checkboxes, and sound on/off buttons.



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